those in need

Esperanza's Children

A nonprofit organization that benefits hospitalized children and their families.

Volunteers share their experiences

Our volunteers are some of the most dedicated and passionate people we have ever met. We always emphasize quality over quantity, and they never fail to exceed our expectations. Each person has a unique story to tell, and here we capture the heart of those who make it all possible.

The Heart of esperanza's children

Hope in Action



"Having people like you that care and are willing to take one minute of their busy time to visit and have you in their thoughts means the world."


"Your organization is offering a ray of light, support and the realization that many others are in the same situation. That we are never alone in this world."

-Family Member

our mission

To benefit hospitalized children and their families through specialized support geared toward each family's needs, and by sharing laughter, love, and kindness.